• Homemade Ricotta, Made Easy October 6, 2011

    Homemade Ricotta, Made Easy

    I’ve been on a huge ricotta kick, making it at home for the first time about 3 weeks ago, and then making it every weekend since then. It’s super easy. I found this great recipe on CASA that shows step by step directions and then how to use it on an delicious toasted hazelnut, honey [...]

    Homemade Ricotta, Made Easy
  • Cathy Erway’s Red Bean Ice Cream February 26, 2011

    Cathy Erway’s Red Bean Ice Cream

    Cathy Erway of Not Eating Out in NY was the guest chef at our February 23rd dinner. Everything about her Chinese meal was perfect, and served with ease- especially her Red Bean Ice Cream. Lucky for us, she shared this recipe on her site! Check out the recipe and step by step instructions here…

    Cathy Erway’s Red Bean Ice Cream
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Check out the Ted and Amy mix on Pandora. It includes Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra, DeVotchka, Three Dog Night, Mumford & Sons, Nouvelle Vague, Sharon Jones, Bob Marley, the Band and more.

“Kara strikes me as some kind of modern innkeeper — she creates a cozy, charming and unpretentious atmosphere, where the usual Brooklyn suspects — writers, professors, artists — can be exactly that.”
–Katherine Goldstein, Huffington Post

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About Ted and Amy Supper Club

Grab a bottle of wine and come join me (Kara) for dinner! For more than 4 years, I have been hosting Ted and Amy suppers for 12-14 guests, 2-3 times a month in Fort Greene, Brooklyn. Menus are posted online here a week or two ahead of the dinner (and sent out to the mailing list.) Reserve your seat by booking it online. Dinners usually have a $45 suggested donation which covers a home-cooked four-course meal wine and a paired cocktail.


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In 2011, I started hosting private events (bridal showers, engagement parties, small dinner parties) and cooking classes taught by local food artisans, cookbook authors, and private chefs, and food bloggers. If you\'re interested in private events or classes, please reach out!


February 2012


After 4.5 years of hosting dinners, events and cooking classes, Ted & Amy's is taking a break!


But join the mailing list if you want the heads up what's next for the Supper Club and related food ventures. Thanks!